Can News be Fixed?

“BREAKING NEWS: people were offended. Again. By dumb stuff. Smart people quoted as saying “Who cares?” More at 11 o’clock!”

Posted this quote in 2012 and was reminded by it today. Initially thought it was more fitting today but now wonder if it ever was untrue. Technically a smart person today… Let me define that term. What I mean is someone who wanted  get more accurate knowledge about any particular specific issue.

Thing about this in general. if i for example really like a certain sport. I may know the intricacies of what the coaching staff movements are. Know random dynamics of players according to their previous play in college. Can even get to as minute a detail of the star player of my favorite teams pregame routine. This to your average sports fan may be dumb stuff. But what if there was an avid gambler and the team lost 95% of the time when the players pregame routine was disrupted? Would it be smart for him to know that even if he does not care at all about the team in particular?

May be semantics but i enjoy just that. The amount that the news are part of the fauxffended may have increased though. There is a lack of professionalism in the established media, mostly shown in the conflation of editorializing,and reporting, that has led many to smartly not pay attention enough to even make a comment. The news however has always been fixed to an extend in a small number of people used ot choose what limited information they’d share on the fraction of platforms that we have available today.

If you are reading this and find yourself constantly offended by dumb stuff, it is likley because you haven’t done the smart thing and fixed your need for news y searching for it in the ever increasing sources we have that get closer and closed to the source material by the day.

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