Annoying Sayings : Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees

It really does though. Almost literally. Ask someone that owns an orchard. Someone wrote it this way:

Wealth indeed does grow on trees, lay in the ground, blow past our faces and through our hair, rain from the sky, stream through the waterways and more

For someone such as myself that engages in semantics on the regular this may be nitpicking. Just thought of an alternate way to look at it that may make more sense.

When many think of money they picture the paper banknotes that represent the fiat currencies we trade in. These are currencies are far from the money they once represented.

In this light, yes, currency is not money. Be they made of paper from the pulp, cotton and linen blends from the blooms or contain plastics derived from compressed trees from millions of years ago. Or closer to their true form as a collection of numbers credited to ones bank account. if it ever grew on trees the economies of today are fast becoming petrified ones unable to grow new leaves.

Money is a representative of time effort and value. In the best cases the money we create is just a representation of this that is easily tradable and stored. At worst it debases and destroys a valuable pillar of civilization.


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