Fishing Boat Owners Will Go Fishing

David Stockman gives a great talk from Mises Media,  titled “The Deep State and the Donald.” A core message of it is one I’ve been saying, not loudly enough, for over a decade. You have a military the size of the one the United States of America has and you’ll likely find reasons to use it.

This isn’t news to people. We see it in other facets of life. Society in general has the spoilt brat archetype, someone that has so much they are left to engage in all their whims without considerations for cost or effect. this was one of the negatives they said about Donald Trump. We see it in children. Give a kid an entire room of toys and instead of focusing on enjoying a few things they’ll jump from toy to toy and want to play with as many as they can at once.You take your time to build a boat, study fishing techniques and invest in the best lures you will find reasons to go fishing.

This is my hopeful thinking on President Trump. He got people especially those on the left to at least talk about the news returning to factual investigative reporting, indicate how unwanted it would be for foreign governments to influence politics in other countries, further question money in politics and how trustworthy or unbiased the intelligence agencies may be. Now with a multi million air strike on much of nothing has them people talking about how costly weapons are and many decrying their use. Added bonus in showing how many detractors will become supporters if it looks like war may be a thing.

Back to the kids.

Why is it encouraged to give kids unsupervised time or lessen how many toys they have? Why do kids that grow up with less physical abundance so often develop into strong, competitive adults? Well the lack of access to the multitude oft toys growing up may encourage them to use their minds and discover other solutions to their problem of boredom and need for entertainment. This problem solving then translates to mindful solutions to the problems of adulthood.

I get that the relativists could just be complaining about things because it’s not whatever team they choose to identify with doing this but I think enough people are seeing things in a new light for actual change for the better to be coming.


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