You Should Let Me : Individualism vs Collectivism

Civilized society is a battle between individualist and collectivist mindsets,

Shall refer to this often.


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  • Previous post on the topic Someone Should vs Let Me
  • Individualism and Collectivism from the Mises Wiki.
  • Individualism and Collectivism from the Encyclopedia Britannica.
  • About The Symposioum | Infogalactic
  • Lloyd rants: People know what is fantasy In which I argue that the idea that people are unable to tell the difference between fantasy and reality is false. Consequently we shouldn’t get too worried about the effects of violent video games or films or books, nor should we interpret women’s rape fantasies as any sort of indication that rape is acceptable or desired.

    I use the word ‘rape’ in a very straight-forward and matter-of-fact way. There is nothing to be offended about. If you think that my underlying argument is false, then you might choose to get angry about that, but it is pointless getting angry over a word. Whispering the word would not improve my case.

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More on this soon.Thank you.



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