‘The Science Guy’ never The Scientist

Some American readers may be old enough to remember watching Bill Nye the Science guy during science classes in middle and high school. In an unwitting level of honesty they never said he was Bill Nye the scientist, just the science guy. A guy that was convenient to continue the agenda of those that plan and run schools.

I was jaded with him for a while and remember thinking I was done completely when i found myself underwhelmed by the prospect of watching him debate Kent Hovind over evolution. good example of plucking low hanging fruit to pelt s horse that long lay down and died.

A few days ago I woke up and saw him scolding CNN in this clip and thought, who is he to scold anyone about anything. No fan of CNN but what does he know about being controlled media.

Oh wait. Maybe he does. Maybe he’d been at it since before some of the people on the panel were born. I mad a note of this and was going to address this video then I saw the now Infamous sex junk video from his new show. He has upgraded from science guy to saves the world. I remind myself that no specific world is specified here.

The video emotionally got to me. there was something truly disturbing about it. From the macabre way he nervously skip-jogged before during and after the video. The performance by ...i’m really not even going to include her name, they’ll links below was horrtastic. It’s like this analogy I imagine I’m going to get more use out of. If its Christmas eve and you have your stocking out, then someone thinks they’ll punish you by somehow placing unlimited coal in it, but you have a clean coal fired power-plant and a method to turn any coal dust to diamonds. My focus was on Nye though.


Who has what on him? This is either god-king-dictator levels of delusion or god-king-dictator levels of I do what I want for what I want, damn what anyone tells me others want. He looked puppetish, that skip-jog reminded me of being nervous about somehtign that you still felt had to be done. whether you were being forced or not, the single thing you’d choose to do at the time besides not being there, was having to deal with what happened if you were not there.


Your team

So that’s what I have to say as I leave you with others that dissected the presentation masterfully, said much of what I’d thought and more so please watch these.

He was always a science guy. The fact that he was part of getting us schooled should have been all the convincing anyone needs to get that this level of cringe and sadness is to be expected.

On a nicer note, spring is in full swing.


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