Love Makes Us Go AWWW <3

Some people experience emotions from relatively minor things and others appear untouched by even lived experiences. Romance is something most people appreciate and can relate to and/or appreciate. What they consider romantic though differs. I have personally been enriched by reading manga and watching anime. To some I get that it is just drawings or simple stories, but I appreciate its ability to communicate and evoke emotions in me and others.

Here is a recent issue of Tamen De Gushi, a Korean manhwa. Please read it and let me know what you think. Ill share thoughts on it and more after.

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things go aww0.jpg
things go aww1.jpg

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So what did you think?

Getting to my thoughts below but from the Tamen de Gushi Wikia:

Welcome to the Tamen De Gushi Wikia! Tamen De Gushi (她们的故事; Their Story), written by Tan Jiu in 2014, is a funny romantic GL story of how Qiu Tong and Sun Jing met and fell in love.

I have been following this Manhua for some time and welcome each new release. I found this recent strip to be all sorts of heartwarming. The genial relationship between Qui Tong (blonde)  and Sun Jing is beautifully paced and told by the creator Tan Jiu.  Would this interaction mean more to you if it was written in a book? I find that the art style lends itself marvelously to the characters and light nature of this. It’s in the genre of GL(Girl Love) aka Yuri. Would it matter if they were a male and female couple? Would it matter if it was two males? (see 19 Days also quite good if liking these 2 means i turn in my CIS-male privileges :P, shall gladly lose them)


outfits here are a tribute to 19 days’ male protagonists

Let me not stray too far from topic…or more accurately let me make some point to this. I think what appeals to me in this Manhwa is how they communicate. Idealized as it is, I think it is grand. Some of you may find this story speaks to you, some may be repulsed by it by it, most will be apathetic, but almost none are against falling in love.


more pics below

I went to a May Day political demon/rally/protest in Union Square NYC today and got the chance to talk to both people that were ostensibly anti President Trump, and others that were supportive of him. I asked questions of many people and was asked some. The few  that engaged me said some things  quite similar to the things I’ve heard from the pro Trump supporters.  Dangers and miscues of the state, dissatisfaction with the established way things were going, feeling that their interests and concerns were going unaddressed. Something wrong has been going on that needed to be addressed. The general idea was that danger can be averted and there should be more understanding in the world.

So imagine Trump is an author and his tweets or policy are a comic strip. Some find it speaks to how to solve issues, some may be repulsed by it, most will be apathetic, but almost none are against things actually improving.

Many are searching intimacy, connection and understanding in this world  missing it. Some point at technology as a culprit. I disagree. It is a tool. I do not think we have our human biology, customs and behavior has caught up to the changes. I imagine it took a  while to move from understanding a reality where horse drawn carriages were the main forms of transport to the one afforded by cars. How much time will it take to adjust to instantaneous communication and relatively accessible travel? Before I’d have to learn Korean and live there in order to read this. Today groups translate it, make it available on the internet, that is then beamed and wired globally. Then numerous other people compiled a wiki where you can read about it and learn more about it and begin to understand it in your own way.



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