Study on Microagressions

Have you heard of microaggressions? If you haven’t the fact that you live a life so free of issues and concern for others that you haev not heard of this blight on society is both a micro aggression to me and proof that you likely microaggress all the time. Really, that’s the sort of thing that is can be considered a micro aggression. The following video is worth a watch for any that have even a passing interest in psychology, sociology or popular grievance culture.. Actual scholarship going into the phenomena that is the microaggression.

From TL;DR – Microaggressions: Strong Claims, Inadequate Evidence


Microaggression in and of itself is a contradictory term. Biased claims that Microaggressions exist are at best pseudoscience. Companies and others should stop making decisions based on the existence of microaggressions until proof is provided to see if they actually exist.

I think there are genetic predispositions to feeling this way that are exacerbated by nurture. we are wired to be on the lookout for danger. If we see no overt threats we may envision some that can be overcome. Feed the beast of fear.

In the past being overly cautions likely led to lower sexual marketplace value, reducing the chance of those gene-sets reproducing. Vice versa too, be too confident and you likely died early.

Advanced civilizations allow for some more obviously detrimental traits to be passed on such as weak eyesight or blindness, but also allow for traits that may have people maladjusted to deal with reality.


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