MAYDAY it’s May Day! | 1 of 2

Video and commentary from trying to see Antifa in the wild at the Union Square May Day rally…protest…something political. Had some Pro Trump people along with me and things escalated.

(video is part 1 of a 2)

Was an experience. On my way back home I was waylaid by two Korean ladies that tried to proselytize me to their non denominational Christianity. I was game for conversation and talked with them for a while. I have been thinking of how religious some peoples political beliefs are. Experiencing this conversation an hour or so after conversing with and seeing people at the May Day event reinforced my hypothesis.

One thing I commend both for, even though I disagree with their causes, is that they took it upon themselves to try ans spread what they believe to be positive. A difference is these two young ladies simply wanted me to come to their church, listen and perhaps god would reveal himself to me. The socialists and communists do not think I should have that much of a choice in the matter. I talked to the Christians for a bit but decided to disengage after I was going to ask them if they knew about Lilith then thought to ask how old the world was. They said 10,000 years. Was proof positive we did not share a similar standard of what knowing something is.

Just as with many at the May Day event.

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That was quite the event. Thank you to those that talked to me and allowed me to come along and experience this. Shall likely discuss this more in the near future. Be well.




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