Right Angle on Civility : Links I like

A few videos from Right Angle with Bill whittle, Steve Green and Scott Ott discussing civility in the United States of America.

The End of Civil Discourse?

Calls for clarifying media bias on climate change ended in a witch hunt. Are we so far gone that we can’t even listen to opposing opinions without lashing out?

The Lunch Shaming Movement in Middle Schools

A storied tradition going back decades, lunch shaming is nothing new. The guys show how these liberal school policies are hurting students while unnecessarily subsidizing everyone’s lunches.

And lastly some gloom if not quite doom.

Trumps Budget Deal FAILURE

Trumps spending bill falls flat delivering on promises despite a republican majority. The guys take a look the details in this whodunit.

The EPA didn’t see its promised 30% cut, instead it saw just a 1% cut. Planned Parenthood is fully funded, but at least the military saw some growth. More specifics and info on the dynamics involved are in the video.

Good show. I appreciate that they remain critical on issues.


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