Global Racists

Was viewing pictures from the April 29th People’s Climate March and realized something. It really is shameful that I did not see what was going on earlier. You may have been fooled or distracted by their rhetoric or claims, but I am convinced, they were entirely correct!

Who else has noticed this?

Climate change means the world is getting warmer. Black and brown people come form warmer areas. The marchers are almost exclusively whyte and in whyte countries. They do not want the world to be more comfortable for black and brown people.

They were right. Racism is alive and well!

They would know being the very racists they speak of.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 02.03.51.png

You own it girl! I prefer honest racist.


Oh there’s also this. Seen this guy dancing before when there were protests at Vice President Pence’s home.

The people in these protests look like they are enjoying protesting rather than angry or regretful that things have happened to cause them to protest.


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