France Surrenders?

France’s president-elect Emmanuel Macron defeated candidate Marine Le Pen. Disappointing to some but not all to surprising to many including those that were dissapointed.

I believe any calls of Frances impending doom are premature. How do those saying that imagine it will happen? From what I know of either candidate (it is not much) I would have preferred Le Pen get in while clenching. She trends socialist on most policies but what were the actual chances that would end? Was it her socialist policies or Macron’s freeing of the markets? Here is some news on the aftermath of the French election and other issues.

Yes there are demographic challenges, there is most likely going to be continued terror attacks, there growth of the state will continue and the ills that come with that. I still call foul on White Genocide talk. If you can identify what french culture is, then is it not either unable to prevent what is currently happening or part of why it is happening?

A thing about Macron and his 24 years older wife. This may be an underlying fantasy for a few women stuck in somewhat underwhelming lives and or relationships. They imagine that some day they’ll find a young prince charming of their own. Fall for each other then have him turn into a king of sorts and usher them into a life of glitz, travel, and glamour. His defeat of Le Pen could add a bit of a symbolic win over any women that disparaged their relationship.

Highly unlikely to happen and in this case the first lady elect(?) was already relatively wealthy famous for their Macarons and other treats. (Macaron – Macron and Macaroons…a triad!!! illuminatti clearly confirmed.)


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