A Bird Speaks on Homosexuality

Great presentation by Black Pigeon Speaks. Part of travel and communication is the ability for people to live and experience different cultures within the same general time. They can then make videos such as this one showing how different things happen for the same reasons.

Since i began to form an opinion on homosexuality I too saw it as a sort of mutation to the continuation of the individuals genes. Life begets life and before modern advances in technology and civilization being homosexual reduced the ability to reproduce to close to nill. So even ig there is a majority genetic connection to being homosexual, before invitro fertilization, surrogacy and other means, a homosexual male or female would likely not pass on those genes.

Well, on to the video.

Also another example of White western people appropriating the isht out of people’s activities hahah 😛


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One response to “A Bird Speaks on Homosexuality

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