USA : Unknown Soluterans of America

In the  video I encountered someone that claimed white blonde blue eyed people should go back to Europe as North America was not their land. The indigenous people, his peoples (he claimed to be Mexican) had rightful ownership of the island of Manhattan and the rest of the land. I’ve Wondered about this? How far back does that claim go to be indigenous.

Here is a rather great documentary calling into question some previous ideas on how the North American continent came to be populated. Well at least since the last time Mother nature wiped it clean of any mammalian life.

Solutreans Are Indigenous Americans

form the video description :

In the Ice Age Columbus DVD, fascinating new archaeological data and DNA research Discover’s that Europeans discovered the Americas 17,000 years prior to the birth of Columbus. A high definition production, the film takes you on the journey of a determined family from southwestern France as they cross 3,000 miles of ocean. A drama DVD, which includes the risk of starvation and treacherous storms, shows these Europeans settling in what is now the Northeastern United States.

Contrary to the Ice Age Columbus DVD, traditional history tells us that European settlers discovered America about the time of the Renaissance. But revolutionary new archaeological data and the latest DNA research reveal that Europeans visited our shores far earlier — some 17,000 years before Columbus was even born.

A drama DVD, filmed in glorious high definition, is a two-hour epic story, which follows an intrepid family of stone age hunters as they trek from their homeland in southwestern France, cross 3,000 miles of ocean and eventually make their first permanent settlement in what is today the northeastern U.S. As you will see in American history DVDs, they overcome starvation and storms along the way, with the help of a revolutionary weapons technology they would later be wiped out by the invading peoples of Asia. But awaiting the pioneers’ arrival is a stark, empty continent, filled with a plethora of bizarre and lethal animals — all brought to life by brilliant computer animation. The Ice Age Columbus DVD, firmly rooted in the latest scientific discoveries, is a compelling vision of the greatest migration in human history of Europeans returning to the land which once broke off of their own ethnic home lands of Europe.

Presented in full screen format.
Buy an Ice Age Columbus DVD and explore the history of Europeans as they discover America long before the Asians or Christopher Columbus during the Renaissance.

Today Anthropologist Archaeologist and Geneticist all agree the Solutreans( sometimes referd to as ethnic Japhethites) were the first in North America.
Archaeologist and RNA specialist also agree North America broke off of the side of Europe, and that South America broke off of the side of Africa.

According to the Bible, Ethnic-Japhethites were the first to North America. Today archeologist call these Indigenous-Americans (Solutreans). North America broke off of the side of Europe, which makes it more Europe then Europe. South America broke off of the side of Africa which means it belongs to Africans ie(Hamites)

The RNA of the plants in North America are related to the RNA plant species found in Europe, not Asia. The RNA found in plants in South America are the closest related to RNA in plant life found in Western Africa.
For further evidence go to:

Interesting stuff. Well to some. For others this will be part of the Anti-white, White Privilege, White Genocide and other racially tinged issues of the time.  Anyway that’s it for the post.


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