Comey is the Key to Pandora’s Box

Special counsel will likely reveal nothing but shall open the door for other special investigations into other political issues including those in previous administration. Pandora’s box has been opened. Video following and some thoughts below.

Trump and his team clear the way for this special counsel. Investigation turns up nothing. Protestations are being made about the counsel but you can expect there to be more coming after this.

If Trump had come in and places a special counsel or prosecutor on Hillary Clinton and other issues there would have been an outcry of unprecedented behavior. They would likely say it shows a lack of confidence or trust in the FBI or other governmental agencies.

Now that Dems have agitated for the this appointment they have shown a preference for this. Even though majority of the FBI and other investigative officers were appointees by former president Obama. Now special investigations can go into Democrats, rinos, and the rest of the ‘swamp’ dealings.


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