Truths About Single Motherhood

From Stefan Molyneux. I have been thankful for this man in many ways. I endorse what he says here and have taken time to understand and accept his points. I suggest you listen and think about this information.

From the Video :

While single mothers are endlessly praised by our crumbling society, their poor decisions are at the root of many of the world’s most dangerous and disastrous problems. Stefan Molyneux breaks down the consequences of single motherhood, including toxic masculinity, declining sexual market value, the expanding welfare state, the rise of “gender fluid” individuals, male disposability and much more!

Sad things that can be avoided are sadder. I think this is one of the things that will be looked back on as we did avoidable horrors such as slavery. There will be a world where we could not imagine people praising this behavior as anything but the soul warping and stunting thing it is.


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