Circumcision of Boys IS Male Genital Mutilation

I made excuses for this, defended it, then minimized it, then after finding out information was brought low and then angered. Post here has links for those interested and have the time. In my experience a lot of this support or silence about the issue is due to not just lack of information but a concerted effort by people in society to spread misinformation.

Shared the following image and someone said that its different for men because some fear soap and water but they think it should be voluntary. So it is a change that it is even considered voluntary but fear soap and water? That it is even brought up as anything but dark humor disgusts me.

Image was from V is for Voluntary Page.

Here is more information.

From Stefan Molyneux:

There is a significant anti-male bias in society and such propaganda creates cognitive dissonance around important subjects which must be examined. Circumcision is the most common surgery in America. It affects sex, politics, religion, children, medicine, culture – all in the most personal way possible. Yet America is the only industrialized country that routinely practices infant circumcision for non-religious reasons – and we have never had a national conversation about it. Brendon Marotta’s film American Circumcision will start the conversation our culture needs to have about circumcision.


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