Lindybeige on Rhetoric

A picture may be worth 1000 words but the words used and how they are spoken does still matter. You can benefit form this excellent presentation on something we should all know more about, rhetoric.

Really fantastic video. It is increasingly important to know this in light of recent events discussed in  When Evil is All That’s Left.

Should rhetoric be taught today in schools, as it once was? The art of persuasion is useful both to listener and speaker.

Rhetoric was for millennia one of the main pillars of western education, but today people on the internet demonstrate that they have little understanding of it. Perhaps, so that we can deal better with trolls, we should bring it back to the curriculum.

Rhetoric is the art of persuasion, by all manner of means: tone of voice, choice of words, manipulation of emotions, use of logic, presentation of facts. People who know nothing about it can fall victim to those who have the gift of it.

Though I did accidentally forget to name the last canon of Roman rhetoric – delivery – happily I was talking at the time about an example of delivery (slowing down and going quiet for effect).


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