5 People Hurt By A Single Parent

Premise : “A single mother of one on welfare. She has been cheating on the father of the her child who was considering coming back to try and unite the family. This affair has led to pregnancy and she had lied to both men that she was on birth control. Name 5 victims and think of how one may rank them”

Melissa Rajkovich and I identify and discuss 5 people or groups that are hurt in this situation. List 5 and see if we had similar thoughts.

Hope you enjoyed the conversation. It is an important one to have, I shall bring more of these and hopefully can have Melissa back to share more of her thoughts. I enjoyed it immensely.


Video links

extra links

  • We Were Abused as Children : Back in 2016 wrote this piece after years of grappling with the subject. Since then I have been increasingly involved in discussing the importance of doing the best we can for children.
  • Hands Up Don’t Hit : My series on Peaceful Parenting and the negative effects of abuse.
  • Man Going My Own Way : Defining MGTOW : Men, if you don’t plan on parenting I suggest you go your own way.

Tanks to Melissa for giving her time. I have a more conversations lined up.


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