Dr. Thomas Sowell : Conflict

Dr. Thomas Sowell retired from his regular column to enjoy much earned rest after decades of scholastic, philosophical, economic and other forms of enriching the public. There is a chance he may still have some books in him. This will be a case of blessed if he does and blessed if he doesn’t as the man has already given us s much. One of my favorite concepts out of many that Dr. Sowell imparted to me was from A Conflict of Visions. He discusses the Unconstrained and Constrained visions of humans.

Here is a post that breaks down what Dr. Sowell said in a better way than I am currently able to, “The Constrained vs. Unconstrained view of Human Nature”  From THE ROAD TO CONCORD : The Road to Reclaiming Our Individual Rights and Liberty

These two ways of looking at human’s nature have been central tenants to much of his writing.

In the constrained vision, each new generation born is in effect an invasion of civilization by little barbarians, who must be civilized before it is too late. Their prospects of growing up as decent, productive people depends on the whole elaborate set of largely unarticulated practices which engender moral values, self-discipline, and consideration for others.

From Vision of the Annointed.


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