Thoughts on Islam from a Teal Deer : Links I Like

This is not a radical video. I find little to object to in this video about things that are at the least objectionable and the most, as we’ve recently seen, things that support lethal behavior. This video discusses what is present in the source material for the religion, and provides sources for other information. This isn’t about a radical fringe.

If Islam was just like whatever exists in the countries and cultures it is coming into contact with then it would not need to be Islam. Muslims could just completely let it go and adopt the culture, religions, practices and such of the locations they go to. This does not happen. So it is reasonable to say that Islam is different. Now what about it is different? What is benign? What is dangerous? What are you, I, they or anyone to do about it?

Here is a great video by TL:DR

Sometimes there is no easy solution.

via OP;ED – Thoughts About a Peaceful Religion – YouTube

Sources :………………………

I still think of things like this when I hear or read radical. I wish it was all I did.



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