Make Money Great Again : Dr Ron Paul on Mises Weekend

I recall first seeing Ron Paul when I was still far form knowledgeable about politics. The media had a way of portraying him as somewhat of a cook and the things he was speaking about spoke of what i considered an alternative reality to what I had been indoctrinated into both willingly and by osmosis.

Times have changed for me but Dr Paul still has his solid information. Standing against the twin horror of the warfare and welfare states and for the people that get grind d under the treads of their slop plodding advance. Here he is sharing some time and knowledge in an interview for Mises Media with Jeff Deist.


Dr. Ron Paul joins Jeff Deist to talk about his decades as a congressman fighting the Fed, his efforts to legalize the use of gold and silver as untaxed currency, and his involvement with sound money initiatives in states like Arizona and Wyoming. Plus, Dr. Paul shares some great anecdotes about Reagan’s Gold Commission, Alan Greenspan, and Paul Volcker.

via Ron Paul on Making Money Great Again – YouTube

“Legalize competition, legalize the consittution”

What a novel idea.


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