Stefan Molyneux is Not Healthcare

Stefan Molyneux has triggered many a person and his latest one is a gem. Saw it a few days back and forgot about it somewhat with the current Project Veritas releases. Here it is.

Did not think it would pick up this much steam. The Daily Mail and other sources have run with it. I look forward to all the Redpills it will cause to be swallowed as people run over to see what this ‘Alt Right YouTuber has to say ”

Haha. A role play on this topic.

Person : Birth control should be free.

Me : Abstinence is free. You are making the claim that someone should not pay for their own birth control.

Person : How are you going to convince people that have kids now to use abstinence. Birth Control is cheaper than welfare payments for 18 years.

Me : Sure but welfare isn’t Healthcare. Single parenthood rate is lower in countries with no welfare and less access to birth control. Also people you say are incapable of using free abstinence will somehow be calculating enough to use free birth control? They wont think of the amount of money they can get for having a child and just do it?

Person : Well its not like they have kids by themselves, this is an attack on women’s health. Men just want to shirk responsibility.

Me : So if a man wants to pay and keep the child they have a say in this?

Person : Nope, her body her choice! Except in choosing whether obtain, purchase and use birth control. Except after pregnancy. Back to entirely her choice then.

The mental Gymnastics here.

Porca miseria, I just cant.

how to even Reducing number of abortions is something I am not against. However it is out of the context of government subsidized or mandated birth control. Medications and prophylactics taken for things other than birth control then are not birth control. The post does not even say birth control ‘pill’. Covers condoms to anything else that controls birth. If I buy condoms for a water-balloon fight it isn’t birth control. If one implies pill I can imply it the healthcare they mean is the sponsored by other people kind. (And from the comments in response it seems as much) Shall also not consider the pills and Gels in development for male birth control as part of healthcare.

Otherwise few objections to what people want to do with their own moneys. Medical conditions are addressed by the same pills used for controlling ones reproductive processes. Process vs medical condition. Some pregnancies are dangerous to both the female and child, these are increasingly a minor situation especially in the countries and locations this debate and high twitter usage and triggerage occurs.  Some do see pregnancy as a harmful condition though a telling mentality and something many can debate. Though once again abstinence and other non medical steps can be taken before you participate in activities intended for procreation.

Insurances should cover whatever they want to cover and let people decide what combinations they would like to have or not. Nothing should be mandated. I may study this further but from observation single parenthood and abortions are far lower in Kenya. I propose a large part oft this is that pregnancy means you take the responsibility of it and don’t have welfare or a society that normalizes to outright glorifies abortions or single parenthood. That being said need to tackle how much hitting kids is accepted.

Not the best analogy but what potentially expensive and long term things do people want subsidized? Buy a house can’t afford upkeep and maintenance so I keep it but pay me for it? If someone enters a competition willingly accepts a gift horse and then can’t afford it shops it be subsidized while they keep it? Society does punish people that mistreat pets but some human children do not get the same consideration. Responsibility is something that has been outsourced from people and places where it could be better served to return to.

There is a law of unintended consequences in combination with whatever you fund you tend to get more of. Someone may wrongly think a child benefits more form resources than human interactions form two or more caring adults. With this mistaken assumption it would be logical to in most cases take steps to not have the biological father present. Many of the sort that do not care to obtain their own BC or abstain until they are in a better financial, mental and social state to do the hard and lovely work of parenting are the sort that will have unprotected and relatively spontaneous intercourse, use birth control or abort and then get to the age or point where they now think it is lucrative enough to get someone child support be it directly from one to a few people and/or collectively through the state.

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