Iraq Takes Mosul and Hamburg Burns

This could be big news from Iraq. I often feel woefully inept to comment on issues such as these but I’m going with this being a positive development to the on going carnage whose causes are numerous and almost all distasteful.

Mosul ( Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi arrived in Mosul Sunday and congratulated Iraqi forces and citizens for victory over Islamic State militants who had occupied Iraq’s second largest city for three years.

Abadi’s media office said he congratulated “the heroic fighters and the Iraqi people for the great victory”. State TV aired scenes of the prime minister’s arrival at the operations command’s office in the city in preparation for a press conference.

via PM Abadi arrives in Mosul, sends felicitations for victory over Islamic State

In related news saw photos of smoke over Hamburg and western privilege had me thinking it was in the middleast and found out it was Black Block / Antifa / leftist violence.

More on that:

People often compare the coverage of terror attacks in the west verses those that occur in the middle east. With these two situations try and compare what you hear about Mosul verses Hamburg from different media outlets.


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