Femprise : Raising Awareness Of how It hurts Women.

I propose the introduction of ‘Femprised’ for when females are surprised things go wrong exactly as you’d expect them to from what choices they made and/or they are judged by the same rules, definitions, and precedents they come up with.

E.g. Choose a liberal art major (like I did  with graphic design) or a hyphenated studies, then be surprised that it cannot earn one as much as a STEM degree such as electrical engineering.

There is no male equivalent for this because men never admit they are wrong. 😉 They just mansplain it to themselves and remain blissfully manaware of it. This should not femprise you.

Let me explain how this came by.

Some may consider this a mansplaination but since I shall not assume your genders unsure if I can mansplain to males/men. After asking the following from some friends and thankfully getting some good input and conversation from it.

If you do not know what mansplaining, welcome to a glimpse of the parts of the sociosphere I have been to. It is used most often by self declared feminists to point out when a male is explaining something to a female with the assumed assumption that she is less knowledgeable on the subject than she actually is. This is a general description that I have gleaned. I could be wrong.

The term is becoming more common. In this article, Watch Angela Merkel roll her eyes as Vladimir Putin mansplains at the G20 summit, what happened did not fit what i thought the definition was so I posted the following on social media :

Can someone that preferably Identifies as both a female* and possibly not a feminist** give me their thoughts on the term ‘mansplaining.’ In this case what was being said is not known so the judgments are being taken ostensibly from body language. I do think much can be communicated from observing and judging bodies, but at times the same that say mansplaining, also say one should not judge by appearances.

For example could Putin have been talking about something they both dislike or have it trigger a memory of something annoying and caused her to react that way? I believe Chancellor Merkel to be a competent enough public figure to maintain diplomatic decorum.

So please any thoughts general mansplaining, instead of what is likely a clickbait article, especially identifying as female and non-feminist.

*Why female? If it was a male wouldn’t that be a mansplaination of mansplaining?

**Why not a feminist? I have heard some descriptions from proclaimed feminists that I have been unable to understand. (if you think you have a better one and are a feminist feel free to share)

I thank those that participated in the conversation and that may require a post of it’s own. Shall get back to femprise though, let’s not have a male focused term manspread any more into this post.

We are a sexually dimporphic species, males and females. There are traits and behaviors different sexes have that may be almost exclusive to that sex, or in the least are perceived differently due to the expectations, roles, and norms, that have come to define the gender assigned to the biological sex.

These roles can be universal across the human race but differ from various considerations. For example some cultures men will be not me expected to have to talk to females in public, whereas others will be expected to not explain anything to…oh wait not the best example 🙂


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