Tolerant Left : Jovi Val Attacked

I was at the Milo event and have seen Jovi Val at several political events. One can have have people violently react to their support of a duly elected president is disgusting to me. I remember thinking that form being at several political events I may have seen a future attacker. Turns out I had interacted and met on several occasions a future victim.

Goal of Bounty

Laura Loomer:

Thursday night my friend and pro-Trump conservative activist Jovi Val became the victim of left wing political violence. After leaving Milo Yiannopoulos’s book launch party in NYC, Jovi went to a bar with some friends where a liberal smashed a beer bottle over his face when Jovi asked the man’s girlfriend to stop stomping on his MAGA hat that fell on the floor.

via WeSearchr | Jovi Val Medical and Legal Fund

This hate and accompanied violence is continuing to worsen. There will be a push-back that will be covered as if they were the initiators and main aggressors.

When CNN and others decry that a meme retweeted by President Trump will cause violence then he is out negotiating ceasefires in Syria with his made up colluders Russia meanwhile the number of left on right violent attacks continues to pile up.

This disgusts me.

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