General Welfare Translated

Different things happen for the same reason.

I had seen this macro before and thought it was a refutation of any constitutional mandate for a single payer healthcare system government healthcare and here we have the U.S. Democratic Socialists using it to support those very same things. Shows how with some even if they had access to the unfiltered information you received they could still rationalize it in a different way.


I do not want to waste time talking to people whose reality tunnels are in opposition to mine. There are a myriad of reasons why someone may be unable or unwilling to step away form certain ideologies. Think about occasions in your life. Has this occurred? It literally says ‘Welfare’ but what about the evidence that freer markets and the competition therein results in the best way for the general public to fare well in the long run?

Think about a sports match at a stadium. A goal is scored. One teams fans cheer the other supporters boo. End of the day despite the scores everyone in the stands paid their admission, everyone on the field will receive their salary. The actions that went on during the match were within the rules of the sport, but carried out by two plans in opposition of each other.  What would it take for someone to witch teams during the game?

When does the game of politics end, for sure the one in the United states is still game on for many concerned parties, no matter what whistles we think have been blow, records broken or trophies awarded.

Here is something form Tom Woods detailing ‘Art. 1, Sec. 8, the “general welfare clause” and its abuses.’


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