Last Night Gamergate Redux

Gamergate is the name given to an on going disagreement to outright battle between the Gaming media and Gamers. There was a consumer revolt due to questionable ethics and apparent contempt shown by the media for the community they supposedly served.

Some that gained fame and infamy during the process are Milo Yiannapoulus and Zoe Quinn are good examples respectively depending on what side you may have taken on the issues.

Milo just released a Best selling book. This is what ms. Quinn has been up to.

During the 2017 E3 Microsoft Xbox conference, the game “The Last Night” was announced. What followed next was a witch-hunt against one of the game’s creators, Tim Soret, for his past #GamerGate comments. Despite the egalitarian nature of his comments, the focus of GamerGate’s ire, game developer Zoe Quinn, made sure that Tim’s past “transgressions” were brought to light. (All remarkably around the same time as her book deal, as well…)

What this shows is that no one is safe from a journalistic stranglehold on independent thought in the gaming industry. Not only was Tim Soret forced to bend-the-knee and apologize for his personal views (egalitarian views, no less), it just highlights that faces in the game industry (and even members of the YouTube community) can be branded as ‘heretics’ if they don’t step in line with the feminist ideological mafia.

However, the financially independent creator of Minecraft, Markus “Notch” Persson, isn’t being pushed around so easily. In fact, he’s not only pushing back against the public bullying and shame-tactics, he’s hitting harder.

And there’s very little the cry-bully fascists can do to stop him.

via Notch vs Zoe Quinn: The Last Night and GamerGate – Cheshire Cat Studios

The game looks fantastic. Reminds me of some grittier parts of Xenogears which was one of my favorite games of the time.

Xenogears was actually quite fantastic.


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