Yes She is Dr. Who

Next season of Dr. Who Cyber men will now be Biofem, organic, biologcal female species that use no technology whatsoever (think extreme veganism commune) and the Daleks will be peace loving beings that hover around speaking in the most melodious tunes ever about how one should listen to crystals, astrology, and chakras. The Master already played by a female will turn out to actually be a transracial, transexual male of a nondescript but certainly brown ethnicity.

Also no time travel at all. The Tardis will now be the Normnot and will not be a different size inside than outside. It will instead be an building where the new Female Dr will be president/ceo/principal/founder of all things anti femverse…

The many Whovian quirks include the ability to regenerate. The character, counting its celluloid incarnation of Peter Cushing (of Commander Tarkin fame), enters its fourteenth separate persona, which, according to the rules of the Time Lords, comes as one life too many. Presumably an audience capable of suspending belief regarding biology’s rules against regeneration can also do so regarding Time Lord rules regarding 13 lives per each of their kind—and the part about Doctor Who becoming a woman.

via BBC Bigs Reverse the Polarity in Casting a Woman to Play Doctor Who – Breitbart

Things change I look forward to the triggering. Doubt the ratings will improve but if it changes enough to tap an entirely new demo then more power to them. opens space for more great hard sci-fi to come out. As mentioned the gender change does not need any changes to the actual cannon of the whoverse, but what other things may be gender fluid?

Alex in Wonderland?

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 21.47.04.png


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