Karen Straughan Lecture on Ogres, Onions, and Men

Informative Lecture for one of my favorite public intellectuals. I think she’d accept that identifier. She has informed me of many new things and has a unique way of looking at subjects i have taken for granted… You will want to watch this.

From Studio Brule :

Karen Straughan was the Keynote Speaker at the first annual national conference on Men’s Issues in Ottawa, Canada. Her lecture, Ogres, Onions and Men’s Issues Advocacy, is presented in full here and the Q&A will follow in another video.

Karen is an advocate for the equal treatment of men in a culture that erroneously believes they are privileged. She has devoted the last 6 years to developing an understanding of the social, cultural, psychological and biological dynamics behind gender role enforcement and sexual politics. Her YouTube channel, girlwriteswhat, has over 130,000 subscribers, and more than 12 million video views, and her work has been presented in high school and university classrooms in the US, Canada and Ireland.

The slides for the presentation can be found in this blog post: http://blog.studiobrule.com/2016/09/k…



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