Fallout 4 : Pacifist Route

The possibilities in recent games are great. I prefer sneaking through games when able but this story is of a rather amazing feat.

Well, plenty of Fallout junkies were chomping at the bit to get their chance to prove Todd Howard wrong, and it’s finally happened. Previous games of Fallout were more pacifist-friendly, but Fallout 4 isn’t quite as in-depth when it comes to decisions and consequences, per se.

In other words, Fallout 4 wants to turn you into a murderer, by design, but…

via This Guy Beat Fallout 4 Without Killing Anyone And Even The Developers Didn’t Think It Was Possible

Video-games are a part of life and can teach us lessons. Sure “IRL life” doesn’t come with unlimited lives, convenient save points or reset buttons, and despite what some claim of certain groups there is not a god mode cheat code to make entire peoples more successful than others. and games can be designed with the particular purpose to not be like your day to day life. In this situation though here are some points I take from it.


Violence does not have to be the answer. Sure it is an option int eh game but was not used. Does not entirely hurt the player by not killing the characters and creatures. IRL there may be many situations where you can avoid violence.

Violence can be redirected. In some cases the player found out that death had to occur. In this case they found indirect ways to accomplish this such as leading an enemy to a location where they could fall to their death. Sometimes IRL you don’t need to lash out at someone but instead just let their own behavior run its course and keep out of the way.

Violence when avoided can be extremely rewarding.  It may take more effort but it almost always actually benefits all parties involved. Sometimes violence may seem like the preferable choice, as in parenting when if you actually went the peaceful route you could get achievements and awards better than the reset of rare any game has ever developed.

Cant erase some things but can make something else out of them.


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