I Know You Are But What Am I?

We are parts of teams. We support them and they support us. We compete against others, are happy when we win, and glad when they loose. How did you choose your team? Was it a well informed, measured, and appropriate choice? How have you changed since that choice was made? Can you change the choice? The existence of teams is not inherently bad or that will end anytime soon. Here are some thoughts

There are good reasons to be on teams. We wouldn’t have this instinct/ tendency if it did not mostly benefit most of us. I am not here to reduce people being in teams, even as an individualist (best team). What should be reduced is taking L’s from teams you may have no good reason to be attached to.


Try and read the comment sections. See the different reactions to the same information. Different things happening for the same reasons.

What say you on what she said?

Now the links about the basketball tournament. Unfortunately my former teammate’s team lost but was exciting to see him coach and also get a glimpse into what could be up and coming outlets for the many talented athletes and interested fans to get some high level competition to play against, watch and profit from.

Other Links


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