Enslaved By Party Affiliation

What are the historical roots and leanings of the Democratic and Republican political parties in the United States of America? How much do the recent perception of them fit their current policies and results?

Since its founding in the late 1820s, the Democratic Party has defended slavery, started the Civil War and opposed Reconstruction. The Democratic Party imposed segregation. Its members engaged in the lynchings of blacks and opposed the civil rights acts of the 1950s and ’60s. During Reconstruction, hundreds of black men were elected to Southern state legislatures as Republicans, and 22 black Republicans served in the U.S. Congress by 1900. The Democratic Party did not elect a black man to Congress until 1935.

President Woodrow Wilson was a Progressive Democrat and an avowed racist who shared many views with the Ku Klux Klan. He resegregated the federal civil service. He screened the racist film “The Birth of a Nation,” originally titled “The Clansman,” at the White House; it was the very first movie ever played at the White House.

via Democrats’ Hoodwinking of Blacks – Walter E. Williams


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4 responses to “Enslaved By Party Affiliation

    • Thanks for the like and comment. Read your post and have a question: How do you propose to make the case for differentiating the individual politics vs the personal politics?

      (also got a type in the last sentence, they bug me when i make them and assume ill share ‘casue they may bug you)


  1. Thanks for the response. Instead of blindly following parties, it would be more beneficial for people to follow their own individual politics. The difference between personal and individual is you actually believe it because you believe it, not because a party tells you to.


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