Why Google Firing of James Damore is Good

James Damore, an engineer for Google, expressed dissent with what he perceived as an unhealthy ideology. This environment is one that has been discussed and evidenced in many companies, be they tech or not. That very same ideology he pointed out has led to him being fired. I propose that this is a positive thing, as the environment existed whether or not we know about it. Now potential employees, customers, investors, managers, entrepreneurs, and more can have a better idea of what ideologies, structures and practices to choose and eventually companies can see how to best provide services and products.

If diversity is a strength then it would follow there may be situations and kinds of diversity that could be weaknesses.


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This is true for many. Except the truth isn’t a need to know hierarchy of information but something that their lived experience as a member of a sexually dimorphic species has taught them. Something they have likely been ignoring for years or decades. The ramifications of truth are not always palatable.


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