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Birth is often called a miracle. In some cases people say her body her house. She chooses when to have the child. Here it’s women that are not allowed to have more than 2 children.

That’s why I’m hardly one to object to the news that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have chosen to go for baby number three. Good for them. As far as I’m concerned, three children’s the perfect number, especially if money’s no object.

While you celebrate the third royal baby, remember all of the women in Britain who aren’t allowed a third child | Independent

Why not just take away any tax credits and aid then let everyone plan for ways to afford any child? This would change the decisions many make.

Back to the quote though, specifically the term ‘when money is no object.’ What do they mean by this? When is it not an object? People in the very country they are in with far fewer resources decide to have more than 2 children. These very parents who may look at the resources the writer of this article has and consider that to be a situation where money is no object, especially if you take poll parents on a global scale.

What I see happening here is different priorities. I agree it is positive to aim for a certain quality of life before having children. It is good to have a plan for what sort of parent you will want to be once that happens. This should include solid plans for how to do it if you had no one but you and your children to count on. From there anything else will be counted as a bonus.

Don’t expect tax breaks or other services. They may be provided but do not demand them.

They also come with you giving your parental connection away to others. I would not want to be in the ‘money is no object’ lifestyle of the royals. As lavish that life may seem, those children for sure are not going to be private citizens.

I have long left any admiration or desire to have that sort of royal lifestyle. I value my privacy and would not want to put that sort of public eye onto my children.

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