I Buy Good Things? | Selling You Value

What is the relationship between a content producer and their customers? Often a fandom of a certain project will claim that they are owed a quality product. This can occur even when people get things free. i have seen comment sections in locations where people are reading essentially freely translated Manga’s and claiming the Author needs to do a better job.

Here is a video about Mass Effect : Andromeda.  The most recent release in a  once fantastically popular and ground breaking Role Playing Game series, that has not held up as well as many would have hoped.

Well some people…

As you can see in the video, the producers of the game still cashed in. No one forced anyone to play the game. No one stole money form people. Likely a large number of people enjoyed whatever was released. It also did employ many in the industry.

Are you a content creator? Have you felt you were paid for content that let down those who woudl use it? Does it matter at all?

These are some questions I ask myself as i strive to create content others can appreciate.


Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 21.14.27.png

or later. \/(o~o)\/ shall let you know.


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