When Mariah went Mariah | Sexuality Pays

When looking for the lyrics for the Eminem song mentioned in previous post , typed “Touch my body Lyrics” in the search and was reminded by this Mariah Carey song.

What are your thoughts about the video?

Her voice is great but lyrics and presentation is what I found worth taking note of. Female sexuality has, is and will continue to be a powerful tool. Part of why general society reacts in the way they do to male aggression and general violation of a females control of her sexuality is due to this knowledge.

Think of the reaction to female genital mutilation vs that of the more common mutilation of male genitals. Some reputable sources have definitions of rape that exclude being forced to penetrate someone else or being enveloped by someone in a  sexual manner. Female teachers involved with underage male students do not receive similar treatment.

I am just pointing some things out. I am not an egalitarian and appreciate the differences between males and females, and as such do not expect them to be treated in a similar manner.

Also Mariah:

this was in 201, 17 years before the first video in this post. Still likely speaking about sexuality but in… dIfferent things happen for the same reasons. Christ those notes.

Sex sells though. It is a females to choose whom and for what she sells it to. It is to the male and any buyer to meet that price.

If I was female and you  an average male there is a higher chance you would purchase merchandise by clicking below



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