Laughing at Tragedy | Hands Up, Don’t Hit

As mentioned in the Which #BLACKLIVESMATTER post events leading to “Hands up, don’t shoot” have been discredited as never having happened but is still used and no attempt to walk back previous use of it has been made. Maybe some find it so credible due to lived experience of being a helpless child with hands reaching out to be met with hands, fists, blows and other violence. If it happens to children all around them then why not to Micheal Brown?

In this Hands Up Don’t Hit series I will focus on Peaceful Parenting. The benefits of are increasingly available and there are many sources to learn more from. The damage from not doing so is around us daily, infects the past and could very well destroy the future. I will collect links and create a place where I can direct people to the material.

You are now aware of it.  It may take time to adjust but the future and your children are worth it.

No more excuses.

Hands Up, Don’t Punch.

Some time in 2016 Comedian Kat Williams Punched a Teenager…then proceeded to be put into a sort of choke-hold, by said child. This altercation was finally broken up by some of the large number of people that were around. Recording. Laughing. Cheering. Jeering. Abuse is often something that is turned into comedy. Its something many laugh of, especially in the African American comedy routines, there often seems to be a ‘my parent raised me right by x form of abuse.” Jokes can be funny if done right, but abuse is never parenting if done at all.

This behavior comes from somewhere. Why do some communities and culture have a propensity to different forms of violence. Why are certain demographics over represented in different crimes? You may speak of social constructs but what is more constructive or instructive than ones childhood? Who ever has as much power as ones parental figures?

Some parents hit their children more and those children tend to exhibit those traits. We should not be surprised that a parent who beats it into the child that physical domination and aggression is a valid choice for getting what one wants will do that. Just as they learn asking for food in whatever language the parents speak is more effective than just crying, they will absorb aggression as part of their social vocabulary.

Here is the first version of the design for shirts. Shall have more related to the topic



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