Love isn’t Foreign | Sound of Samples #8

In Did you Steal That Sunshine? I discussed how many songs are sampled and this isn’t in one specific genre. I have varied tasted and have seen that as this is art and art appropriates which is fitting as art is the language of life. Shall post different versions of songs in the Sound of Samples series. May include ones that I think failed to do justice to what came before but likely keep it positive.

Foreigner | I Want To Know What Love Is

Mariah Carey | I Want To Know what Love Is

Lovely lyrics and sentiment. What is love? common question that I have been attempting to tackle as well. I do agree that the utmost expression of love is something you have to be shown by interaction with another person. This foreigner song embodies that feeling quite well

Mariah’s version changes the lyrics slightly, taking out a part of the opening chorus and working on a different arrangement towards the end when a chorus comes in to provide some backing.

The video though gave me those ’embarrassed-for-you’ chills though. May have become jaded of late but for a 2009 video it seems to have a lot of proto virtue signaling.




Which version do you prefer? I prefer the instruments on Mariah’s version but the voice in the foreigner one. This may be du to relating more to a male asking the question. Ive found it odd a times singing songs form a female POV.

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