Reading the Nunes Memo | Memobowl Weekend : Dindu Nuffins VS Lock ’em Uppers

A declassified memo compiled by Devin Nunes, outlining the findings into how the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act was used in the last presidential cycle, has finally been released. Is this proof that President Trump and supporters are trying to obstruct from his Russian  collusion or does it show that Hillary Clinton and company violated the rights of citizens they claim to serve? Expect different reactions from the same memo. Many that may convince you that there is no way they saw the same memo. They may have seen it but reading is not comprehending. I read it and try to comprehend it in the following video.

What I read was nto surprising. I imagine it was politics as usual and something thats been done for decades. They just didn’t usually get caught and in this situation they may have been a bit more clumsy out of sheer confidence in business as usual continuing.

I for one am grateful of that and you should be too no matter who you support.


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