Make Believe Superheroes | How Believing Makes Heroes

Is it Black see Black do? Girl see Woman do? I try and understand how much seeing someone that looks like you do somehting plays in ones ability to then do that thing. It isn’t Monkey see Monkey do, not only are we apes, we are the smartest and most imaginative of those apes and are capable of more.

Who was your first Hero that you remember (outside of parents)?


Michelle Obama is by now so well assimilated that she can wear a dress and pearls that are photocopies of the clothes and jewels worn by Jackie Kennedy—and pull it off with grace and panache. At the same time, no one should doubt her blackness (or her husband’s, as she has made clear more than once). She has found a way to thrive in any world that she wants. But it is perhaps unsurprising that, for an unguarded moment on the campaign trail, she reflected the alienation she felt at being a lonely working-class black woman at a rich white man’s school long ago.

African leaders bear great responsibility in the state of the States..



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