Black Panther RantView | Needs More M’Baku

I watched the Black Panther film and i give a review of it with occasional rents based off of different parts of the film. These RantViews get into details of the film so will be full of spoilers form about 3 minutes into this video.

So M’Baku was great but what’s up with Hanuman? Ive watched Ramayan and Muhabharat, I know thats a Hindu god!

But really very little to dislike in this film if you like Action and are nto against the superhero genre in general. Also I did actually have a friend tell me some of his workmates complained about the movie having too many black people. 6 degrees of Bacon confirmed, I knew there were some out there. My deplorable friends aren’t alt whiting it correctly!!


African leaders are like this on merchandise.



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