Leave David Hogg Alone? | Shame After Florida Shooting

Since the February 14th 2018 school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, some students have become the public voices and faces of a very ‘gun control’ mov[[ement. This has encouraged man of similar sort who think preteens also have the knowledge and wherewithal to pick their gender and enraged some who think this behavior to bee too suspicious and possibly sign of exterior motives. I ask what actual conspiracy people think may be underfoot and mention some things such as the erratic behavior of Broward Country Sheriff Scott Israel as examples of why this may just be a case of an all to human failure caused tragedy.

Sometimes the one thing worse than ay conspiracy you can think of is that there was no conspiracy at all.

It has been found that many politically left organizations have been backing a vocal contingent of students by offering different resources to continue their crusading. from what I have seen the National Rifle Association has also received  significant influx of new members.





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