Is Kenya More Politically Stable than the USA? | Uhuru and Raila Shake Hands

On 9th March 2018, the President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta and his chief political rival, Raila Odinga have come to an agreement after months of sometimes deadly disagreements between supporters of the two. Just a Publicity prank or an actual solid agreement?  I give some thoughts on what may have lead to it and things the may be expected, and contrast it with the ongoing political division in the United States of America, where I do not know what it will take for the opposition to concede their loss.

Life is not similar to the movie trope where the leader gives up or is defeated and everyone else just calls it quits. Be it in Kenya or the USA iI foresee continued partisanship. Did you know it took decade for some to realize the world wars were finished?


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