Drinking in Kenya? Beware The Women | #ThemToo

Quick heads up for people visiting Kenya. Don’t get Mcheled

Police in Kilifi County have arrested four women and a man suspected to be involved in spiking bar patrons’ drugs and stealing valuables and other personal effects from them.

He said that following a search, police recovered several smart phones, laptops and electronic gadgets all valued at over sh 1 million believed to have been stolen from drugged victims.

-Five arrested for spiking bar patrons’ drinks in Mtwapa | The Standard

It is called Mcheled since Mchele is the Swahili word for rice, and the drug they use often looks like a kernel of rice that is dropped into your drink. It is unadvisable to leave your drink unattended. They can either engage you first then wait for you to go to the bathroom, drop it in, then some hours later you are inebriated and unresponsive as they relieve you of your property. Could the drug   be a form of the zombie drug scopolaminederived from the borrachero tree which is found in Kenya?! dunn dunnn dunnnnn. No, it’s most likey rohypnol or ketamin.

This tends to happen more to locals than tourists but have heard of this happening from females to males in order to steal things more often than from males to females for the sake of sexual access.




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