Politically Weaponized Teens | Guns Don’t Kill & Teens Don’t Politic

Children continue to be weaponized in the causes of adults. It has been repeatedly shown to be effective to use things to distract from others in magic and just as with those tricksters do I constantly see it coming up int eh political sphere. Here is a discussion of a recent manifestation of it.

When you see a child preacher orating on the virtues of any given theology you dont think they really were touched by some god and are being used as a conduit to truths about the world, dont fall victim to this technique when done by Statists and other Metheist religions.


Prepare to be called offensive for trying to mention anything negative in the same sentence or paragraph as these activists. Wearing on of these shirts while doing it may help.



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2 responses to “Politically Weaponized Teens | Guns Don’t Kill & Teens Don’t Politic

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