10 Signs Kenya Is A Patriarchy | Do Black Wives Matter?

Feminists say the definition of feminism is the equality between genders. But what about between races and cultures? In Feminisms Black History, I touched on the  racist beginnings of the social movement in the USA. Some if not most of that is being addressed, but with increasing globalization, has feminism become a first world problem?

Now that blacks have been welcomed by the White founders into things such as intersectional feminism have even the sisters and brothers in the diaspora forgetting or ignoring their roots. I  read this article titled ’10 Types of Nairobi Wives,’ to raise awareness of the plight of women in Kenya.

Hopefully this can add to the conversation.

Article is discussed until 30:00 followed by a discussion of content and related issues.

What did you think of the article as initially presented and did it change during the discussion? We are a sexually dimorphic species so have some ingrained and expected differences. This just means that it is the default, in no way shape and form is it a value judgment of what is preferred or unwanted, let alone unable to be changed.

As a human species we have the ability to live in the most inhospitable environments to average mammalian life forms. Our cultures and practices are devised due o our biological drives and can differ in any ways as we see in the various cultures that have come and gone.

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Merchandise for even misogynists and misandrists.



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