Can You Name The Country? | A Quiz On Corrupt Geo-Politics

I used to say that it was ridiculous that people in the USA, the worlds supposed best country, knew little or nothing about other countries. Though I still agree with their lack of knowledge I no longer think it is ridiculous. The USA is after all pre-eminent, if not the sole, superpower. we care more about things we look up to than those we want to avoid being like.

This awareness goes past politics, you will find that your average Kenyan hip-hop head, Football fan or fashionista knows more about American artists, the English Premier League or fashion trends coming from runways in Milan respectively, than the local equivalents. Let alone would you expect them to know the way  that people in these fields do it in neighboring Uganda.

Aspects of the US are also ran like a business with the most effective marketing campaign ever.

A bit of an aside but, If one begins to grasp the ubiquitous nature of the State apparatus in the USA, all the while maintaining it’s plausible deniability for all the negative things it does, it should be simple to see how the religious mindset of believing in an omnipresent god can be so welcomed by large parts of the countries population.

I recently met a relative I had not seen in close to a decade and we were debating whether your average rural Kenyan had more knowledge of geopolitics that your average rural American Trump voter. We did not have much to go on besides anecdotal evidence. I having gone to college in West Liberty, WV, but having had no discussions of note about politics with people in our shared ancestral lands. Their claims were drawn by having had a few of those and also travelled to places in the Southern Sates of the USA. We could also both draw from the extensive coverage and media that is also a part of that marketing of the ‘American Dream™.’

It was only a part of  a far ranging discussion so we did not reach any conclusions. I thought about it for some time. Walking around Nairobi you see Matatu’s spray painted with images of foreign media stars, we speak English a foreign language, worship in churches from foreign lands. Is this just globalization or a devaluation of the local? in order to test a hypothesis I have about the general political knowledge of people I decided to put together this video quiz of how certain world leaders came to power, held it and lost it. See how many countries and/or leaders you can identify.

The video below should begin at 5:23 which is after me giving the introduction you read above.

Should people know more about politics in other countries?
A: Yes we can learn from each other
B: No, enough to worry about in my own country
C: Doesn’t matter a state by any other name is still a state
D: (((They))) need to be stopped wherever (((they))) are

How well did you fare on the quiz?



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