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In todays Links I Like  post, Chris Calton continues his Historical Controversies at Misesmedia. This one is tiled Secession : The First Wave

Do you support the ability to succeed? Quite a fantastic story of how history repeats itself. A southern state with plans to secede after the election of a controversial republican president.m, just as California, a southern state is doing today. Different states same reasons. They wanted to keep their lower class dependent workforce then and that’s the same thing today? A serf by any other name be it slave or ‘undocumented migrant’ is still a serf? Find out by listening to this. Economics are involved.

Throughout the 1850s, tensions over slavery continued to divide the Northern and Southern states. Finally, after the election of Abraham Lincoln — who didn’t win a single southern state — seven of the fifteen slave states broke away from the Union, hoping the other eight slave states would join them.

Chris Calton gives a revisionist look at the antebellum period leading up to the Civil War. This is the 24th and final episode in the second season of Historical Controversies.

I support the process and ability even though o may question why some choose to.

Merchandise I shall be taxed on if after you.



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