The Transition From Capitalism to Socialism | Leninism and the Left

Reading from “Leninism and Contemporary Problems of the Transition from Capitalism to Socialism” by Konstantin Ivanovich Zarodov.

This is not new.

Socialism leads to Communism which is cancerous. Currently Cultural Marxism is working its way through western societies and influencing cultures all around the world. It does not invent a new man, but instead appeals to some of the base drives we all are born with, the drive to obtain resources with the least amount of effort.

Civilization, however, has been built on the deferral of pleasure, the distribution of labor and the acknowledgment of private property. It may not be intuitive but choosing to exert oneself to great lengths in the present can result in more resources and comfort in the future. In reading this book, first printed in 1972, we get a window into the past and see how much hope Leninism, and the Socialism and Communism it prescribes was treated with.

With great reverence placed on Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels as the torchbearers of the time, who would be considered as their contemporaries? With all the failed example of this collectivist ideology it is an ongoing occupation of mine to understand what it is people that continue to espouse this murderous and destructive ideology know or do not. Who willingly wishes harm? who is criminally unaware of the realities of it?

Hope you enjoyed the reading. Book isn’t on Amazon but can likely be found somewhere.

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