Lindybeige on Faith in Antiquity | Links I Like

In todays Links I Like  post, Lindybeige a youtube channel focused mainly on history and combat gives some thoughts on faith in ancient europe.

What role did religion play in ancient warfare? Why did seers sacrifice goats at the start of battles? Were the ancients true believers?

In some ways, ancient religion, with its reading of entrails, pantheons of gods, and constant demands of sacrifice, is alien to the modern civilised world, but in other ways, it’s all pretty much the same. The gods moved in mysterious ways too. Here I run through vows, two kinds of sacrifice (hiera for divination, and sphagia for supplication), oracles, dedications, festivals, omens, and I end up talking about whether the people back then actually believed in it all literally.

If you follow a theology, do you know it’s history?.

Some possibly blasphemous merchandise.



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